About Us

The San Francisco Crystal Shop is a specialty boutique for collectors of beautiful glassware, Mova Globes, Swarovski crystal, Firefly Jewelry Design, Mary Frances Handbags and sculpture. Step inside one of our shops, or browse online, and you’re sure to find the perfect gift for anyone (or just a little treat for yourself!) Brighten up a desk or cubicle with a school of dolphins or a dramatic glass vase; start a conversation with a fabulous, hand-made globe. A glass panel with vivid colors would look great in a sunny window. Know a little girl who loves princesses? We have it all.

Why do we love these sparkly, delicate treasures, and timeless decorations? Because there’s something very special about a sweet porcelain figurine, painted by hand, that reminds you of someone, or of a special occasion. People of all ages love the play of light through crystal, and the wonderful resulting rainbows. Even after all these years in business, we are still fascinated by the detail and artistry that goes into making these objects by hand. We also enjoy finding new merchandise, often from small or local companies, and giving them a place to display their work.

Next time you find yourself strolling around fabulous Pier 39, stop by the Crystal Shop and be amazed by our wide assortment, from tiny crystal animals to brilliant kaleidoscopes. We even stock one-of-a-kind large items like birdbaths and garden décor. If you have a specific item in mind and don’t see it online or in the shop, we can probably order it for you as well. Hope to see you in the Shop soon!