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The hot patina technique is a finishing method for metal sculptures that results in a rich, deep, complex finish. High end bronze sculptures found in the finest art museums and galleries are typically created using the hot patina technique. With this method, patina artists first apply a cold, chemical patina on the sculpture to form a foundation for the hot patina layers. The artist then uses a blow torch to heat the metal sculpture to upwards of 250 degrees. While the metal is hot, proprietary formulas are applied using different techniques to achieve the desired color and unique effects such as marbling. The artists continue to heat and apply formulations section by section, one layer at a time. Many layers and several hours later, the piece is covered in stunning colors. A special compound and several coats of protective lacquer are also applied. Lastly, the piece is hand waxed with several layers of a proprietary metal wax that results in a deep, transparent finish with intricate subtleties that no other finishing method can emulate. A single piece can take days to finish.

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Aquatic Encounter, 80111

Aquatic Encounter 80111 Brass Sculpture MSRP $ 3899 Size: 48”H 24”W 17.5”D Brass ..


Dozen Dolphin Pod Seascape

Dozen Dolphin Pod Seascape 80270  SIZE: 54”H 22.5”W 18”D  Brass & Marbl..


Octopus End Table 33843

Octopus End Table 33843 22.5”H 25.5”W 24.5”D / Aluminum & Glass   Free Domestic ..