Swarovski Crystal

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 Cheshire Cat New

Cheshire Cat

Take a tumble down the rabbit hole with this stunning design inspired by Disney’s 1951 adaptation of..


2015 Cinderella's Slipper

Inspired by the Disney fairytale Cinderella, this design is crafted in clear crystal and embellis..


Bear by Arran Gregory

This magnificent bear is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Swarovski and artist Arran..


Bee-eaters, Peridot, Swarovski

The colorful Bee-eaters look at each other lovingly. The two birds in Peridot crystal are perched..


Blue Parrots

An awe-inspiring statement piece. As a part of Swarovski’s Crystal Paradise collection, this spar..



This timeless decoration object symbolizes dignity and elegance. Highlighting Swarovski’s exquisi..


Disney BAMBI Swarovski

"LAST ONE"Swarovski pays tribute to this world famous character. With his Topaz crystal body with..


Disney Donald Duck Swarovski

The iconic Disney character will brighten up any room. The combination of clear and colored cryst..



Dynamic and colorful, this beloved Disney character shines playfully in Black Diamond crystal wit..



Eye-catching and colorful, Minnie strikes a playful and dynamic pose. She shines in Black Diamond..


DUCKS (SET OF 4) - Swarovski

What a cute family! This set, including a duck mother and her three lovable ducklings, expresses ..



Honoring the unique flora and fauna of the rainforest, this pair of Swarovski frogs sparkles in a..


Leopard by Arran Gregory New

Leopard by Arran Gregory

This stunning leopard is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Swarovski and artist Arran..



As beautiful as in nature, this lotus flower gleams in clear crystal with a centerpiece in light ..