Swarovski Crystal

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 Cheshire Cat New

Cheshire Cat

Take a tumble down the rabbit hole with this stunning design inspired by Disney’s 1951 adaptation of..


2015 Cinderella's Slipper

Inspired by the Disney fairytale Cinderella, this design is crafted in clear crystal and embellis..


Blue Parrots

An awe-inspiring statement piece. As a part of Swarovski’s Crystal Paradise collection, this spar..


DUCKS (SET OF 4) - Swarovski

What a cute family! This set, including a duck mother and her three lovable ducklings, expresses ..


Olaf - Swarovski

This playful design charmingly depicts the character Olaf from 2013’s smash-hit Disney animated f..



Swarovski honors Mother Nature with this authentic interpretation of the peony, the king of the f..


Puppy - Roxy the Pug New

Puppy - Roxy the Pug

Puppy - Roxy the Pug wants to dance Rock n’ Roll with you! The combination of clear and dark crystal..


Rainbow Lorikeet

Exquisite craftsmanship. Inspired by the tropical rainforest, this timeless parrot design is crea..


SCS Jubilee Edition 2017 Swans New

SCS Jubilee Edition 2017 Swans

Celebrating 30 years of the SCS, this stunning piece depicts the Swan, Swarovski’s brand icon, swimm..